Magical Malabrigo Swap

I love the Malabrigo swap group. They are all awesome. I don’t to talk on their chats as much as I’d like, but I enjoy reading about their adventures and seeing their products. Also high on my list is the Malabrigo Yarn Swap itself. I love trying to get the best stuff for my swap partner and I must admit that I live getting the package myself. Yesterday, as you can see from my blog entry, I received my package. A wonderful package from Jettachicky.

The first picture shows everything all wrapped up. She says it didn’t start out with a red theme, but it ended that way:)

Next some sheepies I wanted from Etsy. They are stitch markers and about the cutest thing I have ever seen excluding Babykins of course.

Then a shot of everything together. English Breakfast tea, hot chocolate, 5 bars of Ritter chocolate, 3 bags of sour patch kids/swedish fish, a Christmas ornament, a cute little bag with tisses (my sheepies were in here too), a Cookie A pattern, and of course the mal!

Next shot shows the mal. Wonderful sock yarn in Tiziano Red and two worsted Torero. Ernesto already wants some socks out of it:)

Close up of the little purse.

Shot of the box when first opened.

It was a great package! Now on to the BSA swap number 2. And some RAK packages to put in the mail tomorrow, oh and a stocking swap package… These make me feel a lot happier than the traveling scarves which have so far made me very sad… Anyway long live the Malabrigo swap!!!!

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