Sick Day and Cookies

Today I am still sick. Ernesto and I were able to be the first to give our ten minute presentations so we were allowed to leave after that and go home. I am freezing and honestly I know it isn’t cold. But it is finally the weekend. It was our first full week back at work, even if we barely worked 3 hours a day. Baby steps, right?:P Anyway I feel like hell. I am going to take a nap around lunch time, shower, get Babykins and then bake some cookies. I am sure I will be making the same ones I posted about a few weeks/months ago so I probably won’t add any pictures. I don’t know why, but I normally bake when sick. Maybe it is because it gives me something tasty to think about and who can’t smile when they think about chocolate peanut butter cookies?

I hope I can get some knitting done. But I do have a lot to do around the house as well. I wish it would unpack itself. And though I am in a new house it seems that my laundry problem followed me here. I try to hide from it, but it knows where I live…

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