Pictures of Ernesto’s Scarf and More

Here are some pictures. This is Ernesto’s scarf which took me three years. It is finally done! He likes it, but I don’t know how much use it will get in Texas, but we are only here for three years… The cables almost killed me and I love doing cables. It is just a lot harder with Babykins now. By the way, in case anyone is wondering, Babykins is happier at the daycare now. I think he has accepted his fate. It was so cute today, we dropped him off, he handed Ernesto Little Bear and then ran to the sink to wash his hands so he could go play. He is growing up so quickly, but not quickly enough to not try to pull my projects off their needles…

Moving helps me find things. Here I found my first pair of socks. They were done in thick yarn and with big needles so they went quickly. Having small feet also helps. They fit really well too. I am glad I found them and am now able to document them!

Here is my latest pair of socks. I finished these on the journey from Alaska. I am finally posting a picture of them. They were very easy to make. I hope to make some other socks soon. I do have plenty of sock yarn, but I have some sweaters to get done first.

This is the project I am working on now. I started it over the weekend on my way to Dallas. I finished my secret swap projects on that trip too, but I won’t post those for a while. This project is the Dream in Color Shrug. It is my first shrug. It is really easy to make and it knitting up very quickly. I think I would be done by now if I wasn’t having to unpack all the time.

Those are all the things I have to showcase for now. Hopefully I will have more shortly. I am going to start a Snow White soon, but not until I finish my shrug. I am trying to keep the WIPs down:)

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1 Response to Pictures of Ernesto’s Scarf and More

  1. OOh, I like Ysolda's designs, what yarn do you have for the Snow White?


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