Finished Project!!!

I finished my last project that I packed with me on my trip. I feel pretty good about myself. Ernesto is happy with his scarf and I feel good about my only WIPs in my Ravelry queue being some traveling scarves that I cannot control. I have some stuff in hibernation mode, I will work on them when I get my household goods back. But first I have to find a home…

Texas is as weird as I remember it. I am sure it is perfectly normal to people, but being East Coast it is weird. Like the oil wells, I am not used to those, nor the huge windmills. Those kind of freak me out actually. The heat and humidity, I got lots of that in Virginia, not so much in Alaska. It is going to take some getting used to. It got up to 70 maybe once this summer and was in the 50s most of the time…

But there are Sonics here and Olive Garden, oh and Target. I know that there is supposed to be one in Alaska now, but since I never saw it open, I don’t believe it:)

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