Made it!

The trip is done. Over 4,000 miles and we are in San Angelo today. Driving around it has changed a little, but not all that much. We are going to Peasant Village tonight for dinner. I am hoping that I can adapt to the HUGE climate change quickly. We already started driving around to try and find some of the houses we might be interested in renting.

I wish some people would be easier to work with. I found one that was really nice, but the guy it trying to sell it and has been for 6 months. I have been watching this house. Anyway if that were me and someone offered to rent it for 3-4 years I would be all over that. But he told me that he want to retire in Arkansas and therefore only wants to sell the house. I felt like writing back and saying then why were you dumb enough to buy a $300,000 house in San Angelo. But I didn’t. I am going to watch this house and see if it ever sells. Then there is crazy lady whose house I would love to rent but she never answers me when I ask her if I can have the house for 3-4 years. Oh well.

I do have to get cracking and find a house though. I get my little Babykins back on Thursday and he needs a yard:) Besides that I am going to go check out the LYS and drive around. Pictures to come soon… maybe:)

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1 Response to Made it!

  1. The rental market here is rough: trying to find a decent house is like that proverbial needle in a haystack. That's why we ended up in what used to be the off-post military housing by the lake in a duplex. Rent isn't terrible, the unit we're in is a decent size, just wish it had another room.

    Good luck trying to find a house to rent. 🙂


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