Almost to Texas

I will finally be in Texas tomorrow. No, it won’t be to San Angelo, but Texas none the less. So far Colorado has been very nice and i must say I enjoyed Colorado Springs the most. It had a cute little section called Old Colorado City with two wonderful knitting stores. Sigh, I am still expanding my knitting collections.

In other news I get to see Carlos in a week! Ernesto’s sister told him that he started crying after a nap today when he saw my picture. The other day he woke up calling for Ernesto. I miss the little guy so much! It is hard for me to talk to him on the phone because I start to tear up. I can’t wait to have my little Babykins back with me. Maybe that is why I am looking forward to going to San Angelo. After all I remember it wasn’t that great of a place and I am not too partial to the heat. But hey, I can start in a new house, I will have my little baby back, and there won’t be any snow:) At least not as much as in Anchorage where it has already snowed…

So onward to Texas!

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