Last Night in the "City of Lights"

So what city came to your mind with that title? I would hope it was Paris, but that is not the city I speak of in this case. For some reason Anchorage, Alaska claims to be the city of lights. You see some parts of the winter only give you about four hours of light. A poor excuse of sunlight in my opinion, but that is besides the point. In an effort to brighten up the city, Anchorage puts Christmas lights up all over the city and calls it the city of lights. Ernesto and I like to call it the “city of death.”

Anyway this is my last night in Anchorage. Our realtor gave us a gift certificate for a place called Orso’s. Ernesto and I went with high spirits hoping to not be disappointed as we have been in the past. Well we were, but it didn’t hurt to much since it is our last night here and the meal was free:) At least the company was the best and though I miss him terribly it was nice to have a dinner without having to wrestle Carlos into his high chair or plead with him to behave right before we start to threaten him and then swear that we are only doing take out from then on. We got to sit and talk and it was really nice.

Tomorrow we out-process this base and leave Anchorage. Notice I say Anchorage. We won’t be leaving Alaska for another day and we won’t be back to the “real United States” until maybe the 5th of October. But regardless Ernesto and I are so happy. It has been a long time since we have been this happy. Alaska may be nice to visit, but it wasn’t for us. San Angelo is not that exciting, but this time we aren’t going to be students there and I know that will make it more enjoyable. And we will have Babykins and hopefully another one next year.

I probably won’t post for a while since I doubt I will have internet. Know that I am knitting and I am excited about the future.

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