No Knitting for Days

I haven’t knit for days… Not since the movers were moving me out of my house. Not since Friday!!!! I don’t know what is wrong with me. I do have a lot of work to do to move, but I hardly think that is an excuse!!! I have a stash to get knit and it isn’t getting any smaller if I don’t knit. I also have three traveling scarves to get out the door and a swap package to plan for. I feel that I have made some progress in the latter, but the former, well I am in denial so we won’t talk about it.

Ernesto and Babykins left a few hours ago. I have been on Ravelry ever since then trying to not think about the fact that it is super quiet and no one is asking me for help with anything. I miss them already.

My friend Stacey gave me a wonderful loaf of bread and it is all that I can do to not eat the whole thing. Must ration it:) It is too good to eat all at once because we are bored. I think I am too bored to knit! Is that even possible? (wow, I just noticed that I used the royal we there, I am letting my inner nerd out, must subdue the inner nerd…)

Well I am going to force myself to sleep, though I swear it is eerily quiet, even through the sound of jets flying overhead. (Don’t they ever stop flying?) Hopefully this time away from my Babykins will be short, three weeks can fly by right? Ernesto gets back on Sunday, I should be able to survive until then and not die of boredom. I can go to the gym multiple times a day. And hopefully tomorrow I will break out of this ennui state and knit once more. I mean it is a matter of stash or death!

(but I still miss them terribly… no matter what I do…)

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