Decisions, Decisions

Today I have been running around trying to put all my crafts in order. I have three rubbermaid tubs full of yarn… I can’t ever find any of the yarn I want so I sorted it out. All my Malabrigo, Yarn Love, and a few others were put in one bin, worsted in another, and sock yarn in the last with random bits here and there. Sad thing is I still have more yarn coming… I can’t seem to stop myself. But once in Texas I have to go one a serious yarn diet. I have enough to last me my tour in Texas and probably another tour after that…

Then I had to decide what was going to go in the car and not with the movers. I decided that I will finish Ernesto’s Cable Scarf, the felted bag I have been working on, and the second Los Monos Locos since I found the yarn for it today.

Now that the important stuff has been done, I need to pick out clothes and make sure my uniform part are all together. I am so looking forward to moving, but it is to leave Alaska, I am not looking forward to the actual move…

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