A Little Bit of Knitting & Cooking

I failed this weekend. I wanted to get some sweaters done but I did not. Babykins was sick some of the weekend due to his vaccine (a birthday present from the clinic) and that did not help matters. I did however finish a sock which I have *cough* lost for a little while so no picture and I worked on my sweater for Hunter a bit. Also I cooked my first home cooked meal in probably about 2 months. Not from lack of wanting but life has been crazy with trying to get the house sold and getting out of Alaska. I also realize that this blog is called A Stitch in Thyme. Well I have the stitch down and yes I do decorate cakes, but today I made some non-sweets. Anyway here is my still unfinished sweater and some baked ziti. Oh and while packing and losing a sock I did manage to find a baby blanket I made a while back and never bothered to post pictures.

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