So Many Projects So Little Time

I really don’t know what has happened. I was trying so hard to not pick up anymore projects, yet it seems that I have made no progress. Let me think, I have 2 more baby quilts to make (for Ernesto’s troop and Mindy). I also have 4 more felted bags to make just for the hell of it. I also picked up a few more quilt kits, but for the life of me I don’t remember them. I have another set of socks to make on two knitting needles, but that has been postponed due to making the leg and not having and idea what to do next. I am waiting on a class for that… Oh and classes, I have the blocks for Let Sleeping Cats Lie made, but as always I have appliqué, then I also have Water’s Edge which is a quilt for Ann’s class, but it has been delayed as well. Guess that gives me time to finish Pam’s quilt. Sigh, I need to get going and stop buying new projects. It is getting embarrassing… Hopefully this weekend I will have more time and be able to post all the old projects that I have completed and want to post. It shouldn’t be that out of line since Babykins is getting good about letting me craft and I have hired a housekeeper to help with the cleaning so it should already be done by the weekend. Damn laundry always gets me though….

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