Project List of Doom

For years I have collected projects. It is now my goal to try to get them all done. Impossible I know, but the time has come for crafting action… So in no order whatsoever:

1) Fancy Dishes Quilt – This only needs borders
2) Ann’s Quilt – This only needs borders
3) Quilt Tree BOM – This only needs borders (noticing a trend?)
4) Ernesto’s Scarf – Only about 3 skeins of yarn to go
5) Snowflake Scarf – I need to restart this, again
6) Herman’s Alaska Quilt – process, picked out some fabrics
7) Three different cross-stitch stockings, done before x-mas? I really don’t think so
8) Baby Quilt for Maj Skelton – This needs to be done before we PCS
9) Baby Quilt for my baby – Does Babykins need another blanket, no, but who says it is for him
10) Ernesto Sweater – I need to reteach myself here
11) Babykin’s Sweater – They swear to me it shouldn’t take long at all I got it for 2-4 years figuring it will take me longer
12) Baby blanket for TSgt Naval – Ugly baby, still deserves a blanket
13) Baby Blanket for TSgt Hunter – Not born yet, I still have time
14) Baby blanket for SSgt Watson – he’s having a girl, well his wife is
15) Dragon cross stitch – I started this one in Goodfellow
16) Gray scarf – I don’t even know where this one is…
17) Second Halloween Quilt – Needs borders
18) Socks for dad – Have yarn
19) Socks for Herman – Have yarn
20) Socks for Ernesto – you guessed it, have yarn
21) Seams Like Home BOM – Done through October for 2, I still have 2 months and all the sashing and borders
22) Mother’s potting room cross stitch – Must have done by spring
23) My quilt room cross stitch – plenty of time for this
24) Double wedding ring quilt – needs borders and tons of applique
25) Hair Band – knitted
26) Cell phone carrier
27) My scarf that looks like Ernesto’s
28) Butterfly Blanket – Hobby Lobby blanket, Goodfellow days
29) Sheep purse – never felted before
30) Anniversary quilt
31) Chicken quilt
32) Winding Ways
33) Table runner and pillowcases – cross stitch
34) Christmas Table Runner – Kit
35) Rainbow quilt
36) Brown and pink kit
37) Christmas charm quilt
38) Ernesto sleepy pants
39) Cat Quilt
40) Chinese something quilt – cut a lot for this one
41) Pastel quilt kit
42) Another kit I got about a year ago
43) Yellow Brick Road – have fat quarters
44) Jane Austen Quilt
45) Red Black White Quilt
46) Scarf from Quilt Tree
47) Scarf from Tangled Skein
48) Rambling Rose Quilt
49) Big Halloween quilt – needs borders
50) 2 color quilt
51) Knitty Ice Queen Scarf
52) Leaf hat like thing

Various other projects:
1) Learn to tat
2) Learn to make Stained Glass
3) Improve cooking skills
4) Learn to felt
5) Get a longarm and really finish all quilts
6) Lose weight
7) Win the lottery to make this all possible

Maybe list of Shame would be a better title:(

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