People have been posting words to define their upcoming year. I hope that my word will be discipline followed closely by dedication.

This year has by no means been a bad year for me. People have been writing about how all these stars have died, David Bowie did hit me hard as did Carrie Fisher, but honestly people die every year. People have been troubled by the election and the fate of the world to come. Being in Italy I feel like I have been sheltered a bit away from all the craziness. I managed to move all 21,000 pounds of things we owned from Germany to Italy and I have unpacked a lot of it, just don’t look in my garage. I also had my fourth baby. My little Roly Poly who will be five months in the morning.

But I feel like this year wasn’t productive at all. Look at my resolutions post from last year and I don’t think you will see any progress. I am not trying to get too down about it though. What I lacked this year was discipline. I feel like every day held no structure and I had no goals except to make it to bed time.

I barely crafted, I didn’t workout, my house is still a disaster, I feel like I gained zero knowledge, and I feel like I need to give my kids more attention. So this year I am going to try to hunker down and relearn discipline. I was in the military for ten years, you’d think I would know what the word means, but I feel like I fell off the wagon hard when I got out of the military about 4 years ago. I want it back. I don’t want to be the sloppy SAHM anymore. (not judging anyone here, it is just how I feel about myself)

I have had company here for two weeks and we have two more weeks left of the visit. They have been nothing but wonderful, but I haven’t put attention to anything except their visit and enjoying the holiday. So I already feel late to the game before the year even starts. But I will do my best and if worst comes to worst my new year may no begin until Feb 🙂

So as the above shows, I have been traveling. We were in Venice yesterday and went to the Burano which is the island that specializes in lace. We got a baptismal gown for Roly Poly. I didn’t really get any pictures though since I was wearing Roly Poly and couldn’t really carry a camera.

We also went to Nove which is a town that sells ceramics. I got a lovely cake stand there. The Husband demanded a cake so I obliged. This is a Guinness cake with homemade cream cheese frosting. So tasty. It didn’t last. It looked even more tasty on my cake stand:)



The store sells to Williams and Sonoma, Banana Republic, Butler’s Pantry, and Tiffany’s. It is called La Ceramica VBC. I want to go again to get some more things, but this was just a quick trip since we wanted to go to another town afterwards.

The other town was called Bassano del Grappa. Not surprisingly they make grappa there. It was a beautiful day. I wouldn’t mind going again one day to walk around.


We also had a nice time enjoying the Christmas pageant my kids were in. Isn’t that the cutest shepherd and how about that narrator?

I want to focus a lot more on things like this in the upcoming year. So discipline will be a big thing. I have my Erin Condren planner all ready to go. Also my bullet journal, though I need to actually plan it out a lot and maybe pencil things in before I get to the pen on it. I have a lot of things that I hope to track and make sure that I am on task. To also keep track I have my traveler’s notebook. I have been using it for a few weeks so I think I am finally ready to commit to get a nicer cover for it. It is the perfect size to keep in my purse:)


Of course all of this will also take dedication. My second word. I think they will go hand in hand. I hope that between all of these things I can get all my chores done and still have time to get my crafting done. This year went my so quickly for me. I am hoping for a slow down and to truly get things. With discipline and dedication I hope to have a productive 2017!

Okay so resolutions. I do have some. Pretty much all from last year, but also a few more. More attention to the kids is the main one. In order to get everything done I am going to try for less Facebook and things like that. More books of words and less book of faces.

What are you trying to accomplish this year?

Happy New Year!

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After Christmas Productivity

So for the past few weeks my desk has been covered in layers upon layers of things. I would date them with each time I have cleaned. I have moved my projects from the rest of the house and put them on my desk in a desperate attempt to keep the house clean. We had family come  visit and between all of our trips and such, crafting has fallen off the schedule.

Today, I cleaned off my desk and cataloged the huge back log of yarn that I had sitting on the bottom layer of “stuff” on my desk. I can now use my area and I hope to keep it clean because I really find it hard to do anything when my area is messy. I like to have it clean.

In trips we went to a really nice castle surrounded by water. Roly Poly slept almost the whole trip but her cheeks jiggle on the cobblestones. Others may not find this cute, but I do. She is my first chubby baby and it is a novelty for us.


We also took a trip to Deruta where they make handpainted ceramics, but first we had Halloween and Roly Poly was a baby dragon:


In Deruta we visited about five or six shops. We finally settled on Fima as the place to make our dishes. We ordered them Thanksgiving weekend and were able to pick them up on the 16th of December and use them for our Christmas dinner. The family has been making them and hand painting them since the 1960s. We even got to see the factory which consists of about 6 people making everything.


We also got some decorative plates and accessories for our home. It is hard to hang things on the wall here since we rent and you have to put some hefty holes in the walls so we decided to get some plates to put in curios. Those we purchased from Miriam Ceramiche. We purchased the blue plate, I want to go back for the other plate. Chubbs also got some little sheep.


We hope to go back again next year and get another set of plates from Fima. They are just so nice. We also need to order a gravy boat 😉

We then ventured to the town of Norcia. Sadly, we weren’t able to explore because two earthquakes earlier in the year has made the town unsafe. But on the way we did see this awesome town in the fog/clouds. I am not sure what town it was, but it made for a nice picture!


Besides that I am getting ready for the new year. I am not sure if I will do resolutions because I am pretty sure that I didn’t get any done this year. A new baby and a move are good excuses, but still, I feel like I should have done better this year. And I still have a garage full of boxes to unpack so I feel like I should work on that before trying to organize my life.

I got zero Christmas knitting done. I sent IOUs so I need to knit those soon. They are mostly going to be cowls made out of super bulky yarn so I do have delusions of getting them done. The teachers got gift cards to the local coffee place so it wasn’t a complete loss. And I have been finishing all the socks I have sitting around in hopes of maybe doing a sock a month again. Time will tell.

Roly Poly is growing. I think she will be crawling soon. She is making the effort. I feel that living in a three story house will be interesting…





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Been a Long Time Plucky

It has been so long since I purchased from the Plucky knitter. But she got me with her Quintessential Plucky Palette Fall. I had to order one of each…


I am so in love. I need to make many, many, hats. There are so many patterns out there that I want to knit. Time is always going to hold me back, but maybe I can get some of these done before it gets really cold.

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Hello Again from Italy

I cannot begin to tell you how complicated my life has been since I last wrote. We moved from Germany to Italy. We had over 21,000 pounds of things moved. We went from a over 4,000 square foot house to one that might be a tad over 2,000 square feet. We left Germany on 17 June and got to Italy that same day. We finally moved into our home on 21 July. I unpacked the kitchen and then had my fourth and last baby on 1 August.

For those wondering I had a girl. She is the sweetest little girl ever. Right now, I will call her Roly Poly. She was the same size as Chibi when born but determined to catch up to the other three she is now huge at three months. My only baby to have rolls, she smiles every time someone looks at her and started sleeping the night at two months.

I do not have my own crafting room, but I like the set up I have now a bit better. My husband has his office down here and my kids have a crafting table as well for Kiwi crates and random school projects. So we all hang out downstairs, the light isn’t great but the company is!

I am so behind in everything. I have tons of yarn to catalog and put into Ravelry. I have tons of projects to work on. I haven’t even updated the few projects I have finished. And let’s not talk about all the boxes that still need to be unpacked all over the place. Hopefully I will get to them soon, but I hope to get into this blog more. I miss updating it. Honestly, we are only here for two years so there is a big part of me that whispers why bother with the rest of the boxes… time will tell I suppose. I am missing my umbrella swift and a clamp for my ball winder so I know at least some of those boxes will be opened:)

Anyway, hello from Italy! I hope to be updating a lot in the near future!

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Lots of News

Today my friend who is in Japan told me about a knit along going on in the Nomadic Yarns world. It is a Harry Potter read along / knit along. How could I say no? This one is one where you don’t have to knit every month, but if you do then you get a chance at a big prize if you do all seven months.

If you are wondering, I did fail at my March socks for the Desert Vista Dyeworks knit along. I just couldn’t do it. March was crazy and I just wasn’t loving the colors of the socks so they are still on the needles. I don’t know when those socks will be done but between being pregnant and already having three kids, it wasn’t going to happen.

So here is my yarn for the first month:


It is called Rhinebeck Sweater Weather. I am so excited about these socks. I need to buy some of the Nomadic Yarns Harry Potter colorways, but I think I will wait until after we move.

So that is another thing that has me busy… We are moving from Germany. Our next home will be in Italy for two years! I am so excited, but I have so much work to do to get us ready. But I hope to have some awesome travel pictures soon! I am really looking forward to a new place. I was so sure that we were going back to the US, but I will not argue about getting to live in Italy 🙂

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Little Things


These guys are kind of sad looking, but Chubbs and I made them and he was so happy with them. Sadly, the pig lost his ear.

Still not much on the knitting front, though I did manage to crank out a pair of socks in January and I hope to make another pair for February.

Not a lot of crafting around here. But being pregnant I am not surprised.

I joined a bunch of KALs and CALs so hopefully I start to get some stuff made soon!

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So Many Plans & Nothing

I have joined so many knit a longs. And I haven’t knit a single stitch this year. I had a friend over the other day and I couldn’t start on socks for the Husband. I did some spinning instead. I am trying to do a bump a month. That might happen this month.

I ordered a mystery sock pattern that I do every year. The clue came out, not one stitch knit. I bought a mystery shawl pattern, the second clue came out and again not one stitch knit. My Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery clue should be coming out soon. I haven’t prepared the linen for that, so my crafting is in a sad state.

I did have lots of appointments this week though. I had a baby appointment and an appointment for Chubbs and his speech. I also had a  bunch of Spirit Wear come in for the school that I need to inventory. I am like the least cheerful person but somehow I sell the Spirit Wear for the PTA… So I have been busy, just not in the things I want to do.

The Husband found me a free app. Neko Atsume. It is for collecting cats. I have been playing that more than I should. And a little voice tells me (not in my head, I promise) “I poop” every once in a while and I stay busy with that as well.

This weekend is a three day weekend which surely means nothing will get done except for the trashing of the house. But maybe I will pick up a project for a bit and get some pictures. No promises though…

Now I am thinking about the Fat Quarter Shop BOM again and I am not sure if I am crazy or not. I like to collect crafts like I like to collect cats it seems…

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